Orthopedie Investments Europe B.V.


Orthopedie Investments Europe B.V. (100%) is located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Its subsidiaries (Livit B.V., 90% owned and Auxilium GmbH, 54% owned) manufacture and sell orthopedic and other medical devices. Livit operates a network of 34 specialized care centers and a large number of fitting locations throughout the Netherlands. Auxilium GmbH, based in Essen (Germany), is the holding company of a number of German companies. At the end of 2017, the company employed 2,044 FTE’s (2016: 1,795). Revenues for 2017 increased by 19% to €205 million (2016: €172 million). Excluding the effects of acquisitions (mainly in Germany), revenues increased by 3.9%. The operating income amounted to €8 million (2016: €4 million).


HAL has had an ownership interest in Orthopedie Investments Europe since 2007.


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