Route Description

To Office Amsterdam by Public Transportation


By train
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is easily reached by train from all major cities.
From airport/train station to the WTC: follow the signs WTC. From the covered walkway; take the escalator from Schiphol Plaza up to the walkway and follow the signs market WTC Schiphol Airport

From outside: exit Schiphol Plaza. Cross over at the bus station towards the Sheraton Hotel. Keep walking along Schiphol Boulevard. The entrance to WTC Schiphol Airport is located next to the hotel.

By bus
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is easy to reach from outlying areas using city and regional buses (Schiphol Sternet for example).

On foot from Schiphol Plaza
(approx 10 mins)

With Burger King on your right hand side, keep walking, past Body Shop until you reach the clothes shop Mexx.

Directly opposite Mexx on the left hand side is a sign for P1 Parking/Aviodome/Hilton/Sheraton/WTC.

Go up the 'flat' escalator, following the signs to WTC.

Keep walking straight on; you will go past the parking machines, a pub, and the entrance to the Sheraton Hotel (along 2 moving walkways).


The entrance to the WTC is through a glass doorway with WTC illuminated above the door.


Once inside the entrance you will take the escalator upstairs.


At the end of the escalator you will find the reception desk to your right. You are on the third floor.


Turn to the left twice and after a short walk you will find at your left-hand side the elevator to tower B. We are located at the 7th floor.

You can find more information about the WTC Schiphol Airport at

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