FD Mediagroep B.V.


FD Mediagroep B.V. (97.5%) is located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The company employed 309 FTE’s at the end of 2016 (2015: 285). The major brands of FD Mediagroep include the Dutch financial newspaper “Het Financieele Dagblad”, the radio station “BNR Nieuwsradio” and Company.info. Company.info provides on-line access to a database with information on Dutch companies. Revenues of FD Mediagroep for 2016 increased by 4.3% to € 75 million (2015: € 71 million). Operating income amounted to € 9 million (2015: € 8 million). 


HAL has had an ownership interest in FD
Mediagroep since 1997.


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